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Big Bear Middle School’s Interact and Farm 2 Mountain clubs invented a “Blender Bike” to help both clubs raise money in order to provide for the community and school. Not only does this bike make a delicious smoothie, but it also saves power and brings smiles to many of the student’s faces.


The Blender Bike is one of the many projects that Interact is developing. The Interact club does jobs for the community like packing phone books in bags and delivering them, building and painting peace chimes to hang in parks and neighborhoods, a canned food drive to donate food to families that can’t afford any for the holidays, sponsoring a child in another country, adopting a family to buy gifts for the holidays, and many other generous activities.


Not only does the Interact club help the community, they help the school in many ways too. Every year, the club hosts a big clean-up day around the school campus. The clean up takes about two to four hours to cover the entire campus, including the parking lot and the track on the top field.
The Interact and Farm 2 Mountain clubs are run by two very hard working teachers and mothers. The Interact advisors are Julann Warren and Tracy Tokunaga. Along with the teachers, the Interact club’s eight officers also work hard to make it a great experience for everyone, whether the students are in the club or not. The club’s president, Maddie Boone, the Vice President, Alli Grabe, the secretary, Chloe Anderson, the treasurer,  Aubrey Hull, the activity chair, Branden McIlrevey, and the publicity chair, McKinley Warren, all work hard and always give hope to the club, the school, and the community.


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